Software Workshops

If you are interested in organizing a software workshop, please send a tentative title and a brief description to

Rotorcraft Simulations

Organizer: Alberto Guardone (, Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

We will present an open-source suite for rotorcraft simulations, based on SU2 ( and MBDyn ( More pieces of information will be added.

Flipping the Linear Algebra Classroom with NCLab

Organizer: Pavel Solin (, University of Nevada, Reno, United States)

After more than 10 years of teaching Linear Algebra in the traditional way, we decided to increase student interaction by creating a novel self-paced course and flipping the classroom. As a result, students were much more engaged, and their scores improved by 21% compared to previous semesters. In this presentation we will briefly explain the concepts of flipped classroom and, in particular, flipped mastery as a proven way to increase student success. We will introduce a new self-paced Linear Algebra course in NCLab, its key software components, and share our personal experience from flipping the classroom for the first time. We will also share student feedback and performance results from the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters. Last but not least, we will mention some beginner mistakes we made, and how we improved the course after the first semester.